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Stuntwoman – Actress

Petra Sprecher made the incredible leap into La La Land with her extremely dangerous stunts. She slams into walls,  gets hit by cars, falls from balconies – or flies through space with Brad Pitt. Petra was in front of the camera with Stars such as Charlize Theron, Will Smith, Tom Cruise & Denzel Washington. Her latest role can soon be seen on NETFLIX’ “PARADISE”!

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After touring through North-America with Cirque du Soleil, Petra decided to become a stuntwoman. She moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and has been working in the film industry ever since.


Petra has always had a strong desire to portray all kinds of human beings! At seventeen years old, she started to hone that skill at Zürich’s Premier private school for physical Acting.

Latest Media Appearances
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Watch Petra Sprecher on CBS as the international JUDGE of “The World’s Best”!
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SAWEETIE Music Video
Petra as MMA Fighter in SAWEETIE’s latest music video FAST (MOTION)
Petra recently invited as a talkshow guest on “AESCHBACHER”


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About Petra

Petra Sprecher grew up in the German part of Switzerland, speaking five languages. She’s spent the majority of her adolescence training and performing in a children’s Circus.

Former Cirque du Soleil trailblazer Petra Sprecher was born & raised in Switzerland and speaks Swiss-German, German, French, English and Italian. She has spent her childhood training and performing in the Circus arts. In consequence, she attended the professional two-year program of Comart, a private theatre school in Zürich, which is based on the technique of Jacques Lecoq, Europe’s best-loved and most influential theatre teacher. #Bewegungs-Schauspielerin