Petra Sprecher


Circus Performer

“To this day, her performance remains the benchmark for excellence.”

I first saw Petra at the National Circus School year end show and knew then that she would have a brilliant career ahead of her. Her artistry and acrobatic skills were unequalled and unsurpassed. To this day, her performance remains the benchmark for excellence. Petra’s creativity coupled with her presence on stage were chiseled by the hard work she disciplined herself to every day. She was an amazing team player which made her a great touring person; she was a pillar in the artistic team. In the hundreds of performers that I have had the privilege of managing while on the road, Petra stands out for all of the right reasons. She is a true all around artist, her technical knowledge of acrobatics is astounding while her bubbly personality makes you want to choose her even more to be part of your team. Life on the road requires one to be flexible, to manage change to a tee and have a resilience level that enables one to take on anything in life that is thrown one’s way. Petra gracefully evolved into an even more accomplished woman then she was when I first met her. Any organization, group, community or individual would be blessed to have her take part in their journey.

Louise Murray

Vice President, Creative Entertainment at The Walt Disney Company

“…defies gravity with the reckless abandon of a wild horse.”

Bursting with energy and flirting with danger, Petra Sprecher transforms the act of Cloudswing into an original art form. A creative flight of fancy, this ebony Wonder Woman defies gravity with the reckless abandon of a wild horse, pushing her V-shaped rope act into a new dimension. With her dare-devil style and exuberance, Sprecher’s acrobatic Cloudswing is not for the faint of heart, but it’s dazzling, modern and very hip.


Master Trainer San Francisco School of Circus Arts

“Petra Sprecher swings wildly through the interior sky on a rope.”

The Toronto Star

“Petra Sprecher of Switzerland thrills with her danger-defying Cloudswing.”

The Hollywood Reporter

“A rope-style trapeze becomes a Cloudswing on which Xena-esque Petra Sprecher soars out over the audience.”

Encore, The Latest in Entertainment News and Reviews

“Sprecher is an ebony Wonder Woman…”

Corn-row braids flying, Sprecher is an ebony Wonder Woman, heart-stoppingly tumbling and catching herself with her knees or ankles high in the air.

San Francisco Examiner

“An incredible stage energy and presence.”

Cirque du Soleil Artist’s Evaluation:

Performance Quality: Petra is electric and fiery on stage. She is knock your socks off wild. An incredible stage energy and presence. She will be a performer to watch as she develops further stage experience and continues to exploit her talents. Watch out, Hot stuff!

Attitude & Team Spirit: Petra’s laugh is well known in the group – She is always laughing! Her spirit is high and her attitude is professional.

Andrew Watson

Artistic Director, Cirque du Soleil

“Petra soars above the crowd, reaching new heights for women.”

Petra Sprecher’s raw energy, strength, power and beauty, represent the woman’s struggle for independence, equality and justice. Petra soars above the crowd, reaching new heights for women.

Franco Dragone

Director, Cirque du Soleil

“The audience … holds their collective breath.”

During Sprecher’s act the audience finds themselves amazed at the difficulty of the flips and holds their collective breath, as Petra successfully completes each maneuver. What they also find alluring is her Dennis Rodman-like hair color of blue – which she says originated from a rebellious act…

The Dallas Weekly

“Her search was a success…”

Swiss Aerialist Petra Sprecher, who performs the Cloudswing in Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam production, needed help – and fast! She needed to find a hair salon that could do the bright blue braids she wears when performing. So she went up and down 16th Street Mall searching for someone with braids who could recommend someone to do her hair. Her search was a success…

Rocky Mountain News

“At a dizzying pace, Petra Sprecher swings on a rope swing high above the stage.”

Houston Chronicle

“Petra Sprecher gets the adrenalin going…”

Petra Sprecher gets the adrenalin going as she swings very fast from a very high rope, executing daring somersaults and wicked spins. Sometimes she plunges headfirst to the ground or swoops by one leg before catching her arms or legs in the rope again.

The Washington Times

Circus Teacher

“Petra’s work with the kids is always so exciting!”

Petra’s work with the kids is always so exciting! She knows how to listen and how to sense. She responds so beautifully to them while always maintaining her role as the teacher and model for balance, strength, determination, courage and fun. We love her smarts, reach, enthusiasm, humor, energy, creativity, art, love, patience, supportiveness and insight into what is special, what needs nurturing and what’s growing inside of every person! We adore Petra from Yoga to Yodeling and these words barely scratch the surface of what we love about her!

Karen Dreyfuss

Mom of 12-year old Lila

“You are Wonder Woman! Thanks for always being a bright light for me & my child!”

Wendy Turner

Mom of 9-year old Beckett

“They simply LOVE her!”

Petra has been coaching and teaching circus aerial arts to my 2 kids for the past 7 years. They simply LOVE her! Her boundless energy and positive, fearless style has them endlessly coming back for more. As a parent, her experience, knowledge and ability to assess each student for their individual skill level leaves me feeling confident that they are always in safe hands. Add infectious laughter and a wonderful sense of humor and it’s no wonder she is a favorite of many!!

Monna Mainwaring

Mom of 11-year old Talya and 14-year old Aisha

“In short: She really helped me as a performer!!!”

Petra really helped me develop my theater skills. She also gave me the confidence and the tools to refine my act and the way I approach performance. I was so scared before my first gig last year but I knew that Petra believed in me strongly which allowed me to pull through and I had amazing results! Not to mention that her guided meditations have also really influenced me; she was a big part of my life last year. In short: She really helped me as a performer!!!

Rachel Servello

Equipe Pro

“I couldn’t be happier to have Katarina training with someone like Petra.”

Petra has a gift for working with everyone. Through her extensive knowledge she is able to challenge students at their individual level and keeps their skills moving forward. I couldn’t be happier to have Katarina training with someone like Petra. She loves training with her! I appreciate it!

Melanie Dawn

Mom of 4-year old Katarina

“Petra has a keen eye to meticulous detail of biomechanics.”

Petra has a keen eye to meticulous detail of biomechanics. That’s why she is also an amazing conditioning coach, which I feel is extremely important in efficient strength building for our Aerialists.

Shana Lord

Pilates Guru & Former Head Coach at Le Studio

Yoga Instructor

“Petra reignited my fire and passion for all that is Yoga.”

Over the years, I’ve had various Yoga instructors but Petra reignited my fire and passion for all that is Yoga. Petra speaks Sanskrit and lives and practices its tenets in her Yoga class: with clear guidance, she moves you through inspiring and balanced series. Her impressive strength and beauty reflect her “lightness of being,” her sympathy and compassion for others, her energy and unadulterated love shows in her teaching as she inspires her students to follow her example in making Yoga a practice for and of life.


Danielle Müller, Ph.D

“I always leave her class with a smile on my face!”

Petra’s classes are the perfect blend of a physical, fun practice with insightful, accessible mindfulness. I always leave her class with a smile on my face!

Hollye Holbrook

“She has a terrific upbeat personality…”

Most Yoga teachers give you the standard Sun Salutations. Petra is one of the few teachers that I have ever had, that can and is willing to teach you some of the lesser taught, more complex Asanas. She also has a terrific upbeat personality which makes everything fun!

Denise Hanisee

She looked at me and said “What do you mean? Of course you can!”

Petra got me into my first Headstand! I had tried for two+ years to do it. I knew I had the strength, but my mind was keeping me from being able to get up! I had even taken private lessons with a teacher that I had studied with for years and could not seem to tackle my fear! The day that it happened, I told Petra I was afraid and had never been able to do a Headstand. She looked at me and said “What do you mean? Of course you can!” She had so much confidence in me that it must have overflowed and given me the juice that I needed! I got up in one try and I’ve been able to do effortless Headstands ever since! That was a one of the Best days of my yoga journey so far!

Lisa Chisholm